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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

DIY Christmas room decor: Candy cane Jar

Hi there,
Its the 1st December :)!!!! This makes me so happy as now its officially the Christmas month and the time when everyone gets happy and joyful.
This candy cane jug will make your room look super festive and its super cheap!

To make this Candy cane jug you will need:
- A kilner jug or something like that
-Some red ribbon
and some candy canes

 So this is pretty self explanatory but such a great festive touch to a room.

Thanks for reading,
April's Star


  1. Your posts are amazing! I enjoy reading it. Have a nice day love xo

    Check out my blog here

    1. Thanks.
      I checked your blog out and it looked so cute!
      The cookies looked so yummy!!
      April's Star