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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hey there,

 It's Christmas eve!!!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and you get everything you have asked for.

Thanks so much for reading,
April's Star

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Last minute cheap Christmas gift guide

Hey there,
Today I am doing a last minute Christmas gifts guide. As it's that time that you realise you haven't got a prezzie for your siblings, aunties, uncles, friends and so on... Well, at least for me!

1. Homemade recipes

You could make homemade cookies or cupcakes, and put them in a basket with some of your favourite  recipes.

2. Photo frames.

You could put your favourite photos of you bestie or family members in a photo frame with a nice message like 'we are so crazy' or 'love you'.

3. Hamper kits.

To start off, you need to get a basket, you can get really cheap ones from the 99p store.
Then grab some goodies, like:
-lush bath bomb
-Face mask
-nail polishes
Or for a boy:
- gel
- hair spray
- hair comb
-boy shampoo

You could be really creative with this, it depends on the person you are given it to.

4. Hot chocolate kit

For my last gift, it's a hot chocolate kit.
First, get another basket.
Then get some:
hot chocolate,
whipped cream,
Mini marshmallows,
And put them in your basket and you are done.

Hope you enjoyed this post and it's helpful.
I don't know about you (but I'm feeling 22!!)but, I would love to receive any of these.

Thanks for reading,
 April's star

Sunday, 20 December 2015

3 different Christmas make-up looks

Hey there.

I am going to do a post on make-up looks for a Christmas party or maybe for Christmas day.
It's so close to Christmas now, only 5 days!!!

1.  Pink eyes and pink lips.


                                                 Urban Decay Naked : Buzz, for the eyes
                                                               MAC: Frost Angel

2. Red lips and rosy cheeks

                                                  Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon:
                                                  Champagne Diamonds.
                                                Baby lips: Cherry me
3. Ice skate

                                                       MAC: Lets skate
                                                         For the eyes
                                                                 MAC: frost angel

Hope this is helpful, I am going to a Christmas party on Monday and I am wearing a sparkly dress and then the pink lips and pink eyes look.

Thanks for reading,
April's Star


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas party outfit ideas

Hey there,
I know I said last time that I would do a make up look but I lost my red lipstick. However when I find it, that will be the first thing I do.
I am going to do a blog post on outfit ideas for a Christmas party.

1. A pretty black dress
This is original but will always be great. Also it will go with any makeup look.

2. Anything sparkly
I am going to a Christmas party next Monday and I am going to wear a super pretty black dress with sequins all over it. Also you could wear a really nice sparkly top and a little black pencil skirt.

3. Anything navy, green, or red
As these are festive colours, you can't go wrong!

4. For shoes...
It really depends on the type of person you are, I would wear black heels or pumps. It also depends on what you choose.

5. Velvet
There are so many nice velvet dresses out at the moment. There are some nice ones at hollister and  boohoo and asos.

Thanks for reading,
April's star

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

DIY Christmas decor: Christmas card garlind

Hey there,

Today's blog post is going to be another DIY d├ęcor because I realized I had one of the most views on that one so far so I thought I would do one of them again!

This is another festive touch in your room and pretty cheap. Also you don't have to Christmas cards on it you can do any thing!

So what you will need is:
-Some string ( I got this gold one from a homeware store near where I live for £2)
- Some drawing pins
-Some pegs (I got these super cute reindeer pegs. But you could just get plain wood pegs and paint them red and white)
-Some Christmas cards
-Some fairy lights ( How cute are my reindeer ones?! I got them from marks and spencers)

And you are ready...

                                           First you need to pin your string on wall to make
                                           sure it holds up. You may have to do this in middle
                                           as well as the other end.
                                            Next, take your card and hang it on your string.
                                            I also hung up some Rudolph fairy light which added
                                        another festive touch.
                                         Now you have your Christmas card garland. Hope you

Next blog post will be a Christmas party make-up look, so keep your eyes peeled for that!!

Thanks For Reading,
April's star

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas/ Winter essentials :)

Hey there readers.

Today I am going to do a winter/Christmas essentials.
I use a lot of:
-I have a lot of baths
-Knitwear (hats, scarfs, gloves and comfy cardigans)
and I eat a lot of chocolate and drink a lot of warm drinks.

Here are my Favourites to use around this time of year:

                                          This Christmas I have been loving vanilla scents
                                          so these were perfect and they smell amazing!
                                            The olay beauty fluid moisturizer is so amazing!!!
                                           Its super moisturizing and great in this cold months.
                                            This is a rimmel Kate Moss red lipstick in the colour
                                           kiss of life and its number 111. It's also a great one for
                                           Christmas party.
                                           This bath bomb is the santa claus bath bomb and it
                                          smells so good!! Its like Candy Moutain; super sweet
                                           just like me!! ;)
                                          Any kind of Christmassy chocolate will do me!!!!
                                          My favourite is Terry's Chocolate Orange though!!
                                          These items are so cosy they are both from Hollister
                                           and so soft.
                                            This taste like Christmas in a mug!!

                       Comment on any other essentials.

                       Thanks for reading,
                        April's Star

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

DIY Christmas room decor: Candy cane Jar

Hi there,
Its the 1st December :)!!!! This makes me so happy as now its officially the Christmas month and the time when everyone gets happy and joyful.
This candy cane jug will make your room look super festive and its super cheap!

To make this Candy cane jug you will need:
- A kilner jug or something like that
-Some red ribbon
and some candy canes

 So this is pretty self explanatory but such a great festive touch to a room.

Thanks for reading,
April's Star