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Sunday, 31 January 2016

My go to: Outfit

Hi there and welcome back or to my blog!

I have decided to stat a new series for my blog post. As you may have guessed from the title, this series is called 'My go to.' I will be writing posts from fashion and makeup to breakfast's and snacks.

So for this one, I am going to be showing you my favourite outfit. I like to go for the most comfortable clothes as possible for the weekend, so this is what i would typically wear in weekends.

 My outfit:
Brandy Melville Jumper; I couldn't find this on there website.
Pink VS leggings: They don't have these in stock anymore :(
Zara boots:

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Thanks for reading,
April's Star

Saturday, 9 January 2016

2015 Beauty Favourites ;)

Hey there,
This is quite a late blog post however, I really wanted to write one about my favs of 2015.
Hope you enjoy, comment all your favourites of 2015 and remember to follow my blog.

coconut oil is amazing. I use it for:
-hair mask
-makeup remover
-overnight face mask
You will see such a difference in all of the above when you start using it.
I could spend hours talking about this amazing mascara.
Every time I wear this people think I have false eye lashes.
This is the best drugstore mascara EVER!!

So, I don't just love this perfume because its Taylor Swift's.
It smells amazing, you need to go into a perfume shop and smell
this. You will love it!

This is such a great facial cleanser.
 I can really tell when I haven't used it.
It makes your skin feel and look amazing.

I have talked about this moisturiser before on my blog.
It's such good value for money and does amazing at its job.

This is the Naked 3 palette by Urban decay.
The colours are so pretty and can go with any makeup looks.
I really rate this product to a high standard. 

This colour comes out really pretty on and makes you look so amazing.
Its long lasting and worth its money.
MAC lipstick in the colour frost angel.
btw: This is a photo from the 3 different Christmas makeup looks so that is  why there is a Santa in the background!
Finally, my favorite concealer is the rimmel wake me up. It lasts so long and makes you look so awake. Most of the time my go-to make up is the wake me up concealer, with nonner from the naked palette, with my bourjois mascara and my mac lipstick,

Thanks for reading,
April's Star

Friday, 1 January 2016

My New Year Resolution :)

Hey there,
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, I did!
Today, I am going to do a blog post on New Years Resolutions.
This blog post is quite open and you will find some new things about me.

1. To Blog a bit more:
I will try and put a blog post on twice week on Mondays and Wednesday.

2. To exercise more:
This  is quite a common one that people put in their resolutions. However I do think it is a great way to start your year.
There are brilliant workouts on youtube: the sweaty betty get fit for free

3. Be a little more healthy.
This another one that is common but I had this one last year and I went through with it in till November. Honestly you feel so amazing and your skin is flawless.
Here are some healthy bloggers that will help you(and me) to be healthy for 2016:

4. Stop bitching
You become a much nicer person if your not bitching or being horrible about someone behind their back.

I would just like to say that, 2015 was such an great year and I'm so excited for 2016. I can not believe how many views I have got on my blog. It makes me so happy that people are reading my blog and some people even following.

Thanks For Reading,
April's Star