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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas/ Winter essentials :)

Hey there readers.

Today I am going to do a winter/Christmas essentials.
I use a lot of:
-I have a lot of baths
-Knitwear (hats, scarfs, gloves and comfy cardigans)
and I eat a lot of chocolate and drink a lot of warm drinks.

Here are my Favourites to use around this time of year:

                                          This Christmas I have been loving vanilla scents
                                          so these were perfect and they smell amazing!
                                            The olay beauty fluid moisturizer is so amazing!!!
                                           Its super moisturizing and great in this cold months.
                                            This is a rimmel Kate Moss red lipstick in the colour
                                           kiss of life and its number 111. It's also a great one for
                                           Christmas party.
                                           This bath bomb is the santa claus bath bomb and it
                                          smells so good!! Its like Candy Moutain; super sweet
                                           just like me!! ;)
                                          Any kind of Christmassy chocolate will do me!!!!
                                          My favourite is Terry's Chocolate Orange though!!
                                          These items are so cosy they are both from Hollister
                                           and so soft.
                                            This taste like Christmas in a mug!!

                       Comment on any other essentials.

                       Thanks for reading,
                        April's Star

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree with you on Olay products! I've been using them and they are really great!