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Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Favourite Christmas: Foods

Hi there and happy Thanksgiving,

Today I am going to do a blog post on my favourite foods around Christmas time.
There is going to be future blog posts on the recipes on most of these, so make sure you keep an eye on my blog posts.
Christmas foods are another one of my favourite things about Christmas.
I love how whenever you taste a certain food you just think of Christmas.
Also if you bake any Christmassy foods your whole house will smell super festive!

Here is a list of my favourite Christmas Foods:
-Mince Pies- they are so yummy and super fun to make!
-Gingerbread men-These are another one that is fun to make and taste so good!
-Pigs in blankets- These are little sausages wrapped in bacon that are great touch if you are hosting a Christmas party.
-Christmas teas (My favourite is the tea pigs winter spices)- Most of these smell and taste like cinnamon, cloves and oranges.
-Oranges/Satsuma's/clementine's-  These are all my favourite fruits around this time of year. They taste so good and they are super healthy. Also they are high in vitamin c, which is good around this season as it boosts our immune system.
- Chocolate orange- This one of my favourite chocolates as they taste so good and super Christmassy!!
-Christmas cookies- theses are great Christmas treats. Also they are great for making your home smell Christmassy!
-Hot chocolates- After a long, cold day you can snuggle up, watch a Christmas film and sip on your awesome hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows!! :)

Thanks for reading,
 April's Star


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